Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pooj's questions...

See the original questions post for how this thing is working...

What did you take away from your college experience at U of I?

I think the most important thing was definitely not the schooling part of it (because honestly, I use barely anything I learned there. The only possible useful thing I was schooled in is writing. I can kill a business case now). I think I came away with a better idea of who I am, how to interact with people (and live with them...and even learned that I don't really want to live with them). Probably the one thing I learned that may be different to what most people learn in college (sure, I learned my alcohol tolerance like the rest) is how to be alone and not be lonely.

If you had the power to make one fictitious character a reality, who would it be?

My first inclination was Ronald Weasley. But, like my sister said with Anne of Green Gables, I think he is some amalgamation of Ron Weasley and Rupert Grint in my head. There is a weird mesh there...

I have this horrible problem where I don't really remember much of what I have read. It's sort of the same issue with not remembering all that many details of my childhood. Not sure why this happens/happened, but remembering fictitious characters is not my strong suit (my head is probably brimming full of song lyrics and coding and all that other stuff was pushed out).

Does your dad make the best homemade pizza? Just kidding...

The truth is...I've never had any other homemade pizza. But, I'm sure if I had, yours would come out on top....

If you could only watch 3 more movies in your life, which ones would you choose?

This one is tough. I think I'd have to pick ones that I could watch over and here's the first three I came up with:
  1. The Fifth Element (Action + Sci-fi)
  2. Love Actually (Romance + a dose of realism)
  3. Empire Records (a bit of everything)
Ok Pops, it's your turn:
  • This is a first instinct/first thought question, so you have to answer it with the first thing that pops into your mind: Happiest memory? Saddest memory?
  • What TV shows are you watching this year?
  • I'm stealing this question from Ang's questioner, Mavis: You have to leave right now to go to the airport for a 10 day trip. Where are you going? And...are you taking me with you?
As I was typing this I got another three questions. I'm going to do those later tonight or tomorrow...


  1. I just bought Love Actually at Target ... it was on the $7.50 shelf ... couldn't resist ... :)

  2. My happiest memory(s) are the days the three of you, A, K and J) were born and I got to see you all for first time. Saddest is the day I realized my Dad was dying.

    We are watching none right now. We are TiVoing, Dirty Sexy Money, The Office and Boston Legal. I also am interested in the Americas Best New Band show. What else should we be watching?

    Our Florida House and yes I will bring you. When I came back on Saturday the cold weather went right through me. I want the warmth! I know this isn't an exciting answer but it's what came into my head.