Friday, October 12, 2007


So the deal is, I asked my sis three questions. She reciprocated and now I answer them here. If you'd like, you can ask three questions in the comments and I'll answer them on this blog. Then I'll ask you three and you have to answer them somewhere (if you have a blog, on your blog. If not, then...I guess in the comments?). So here goes:

Besides the monetary benefits, was it worth it to go and get your Masters in something so far removed from your major in college? Was it the right choice?

Yes, yes, yes. I think part of the problem of being an adult and having to pay your own bills (boooo) is trying to find a job that you actually like. Or, put differently, finding busy work that you don't mind doing...and I managed to hit it with this stuff. I took an educated guess that since I spent so much time on my computer that I might as well marry it...maybe I should be an IT person. And once in school again, I figured out which part of IS fit was a big gamble and it paid off (and I think the chances of it going the other way were pretty high).

Part of why I love my job so much right now is the atmosphere here. I laugh out loud, hard, probably at least 5 times a day and usually more around 15-20. And while that is a function of the atmosphere and people of this place, not the actual is also something that could never exist in an insurance company (no offense Pooj). I will probably never have a stuffy job again. And I may never have to dress business casual again (hooray). And I think all of that fits me. I think my "people" fit somewhere in the large pool of nerdy IT people...

What's your favorite place in London?

My first instinct was Budgen's. My grocery store. Which is sort of hilarious and shows you just how much I like food. But I think it's more like...London was home and when you live somewhere the small places are most frequented: your favorite restaurants (Pret!), your grocery store, your public transportation hub (Mile End Underground stop!). And those little things are what I remember most. But, the place I would HAVE to visit if I was in London is Tate Modern. I love that place. I can even walk through it in my head...and if you know my memory, you know that means it's a place I value (and have been to a million times). My favorite ever piece of art was one sentence: An large wall piece made out of plastic rectangles connected with tubes, full of sand colored as the flags of a whole bunch of countries that had, at one time, been used as an anthill.

What trends do you secretly wish you were taking part in right now? What trends are you glad to keep away from you with a ten-foot pole?

I love hats...and I wish that I could wear some of the cuter trendy hats without feeling like a tool. But I would. I'd feel like people would look at me and think, "Britney Spears wannabe?". Or "Hipster." I don't want to be a hipster.

That may be the only trend that I like. I don't mind that the shirts are a bit longer now. Cuts down on the riding up over my sloped belly.

As for trends that I hate:
Leggings are HIDEOUS.
Formal shorts are just plain stupid.

Girl last night who was wearing leggings under formal shorts with hooker heels: utter disaster.


  1. are my questions

    1. What did you take away from your college experience at U of I?

    2. If you had the power to make one ficticious character a reality, who would it be? (Repeat question)

    2.5 Does your dad make the best homemade pizza? Just kidding...

    3. If you could only watch 3 more movies in your life, which ones would you choose?

  2. 1.) Do you ever regrett getting your tatoo? Side question: Do you ever think you'll get another one and if you did, what would it be?

    2.) What is YOUR defination of chemistry?

    3.) How would you answer this question: "So Katie, what's your story?"