Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Somewhere down there...

So part of the reason I am enjoying my workouts right now is because of the music. I love some poppy happy music (right now the three "go-to" songs that I sometimes just skip the shuffle for are: Do It - Nelly Furtado; Stronger - Kanye; What You Waiting For - Gwen Stefani). I look forward to listening to that stuff and "moving to the beat."

Because somewhere, deep down, I like to believe I have a little dancer in me. I love to dance. And I love to watch people dance. Obviously this is what draws me to music with a beat [and Justin Timberlake...because watching him dance is like dirty, sexy eye candy. And if you haven't seen his little dance bit in the final number of the VMA's, you should watch it. There's this weird slow-mo thing, and then he...I can't describe it, but he kicks it up a notch and does this weird hand body twitch and its absolutely stunningly mesmerizing. Go here to see it (you can skip the boring Nelly Furtado part, although that is the song I work out to...without the boring slow intro part.)].

And to be completely honest, this is why I love musicals so much. I really enjoy going to shows for the story and atmosphere too, and I obviously like when the singing is super strong...but when there is a good dance number, I instantly feel like I perk up. Like in Color Purple, the Africa part...that was kick ass. And while my sister remembers Sweet Charity as not so enjoyable, I remember being fairly delighted with the dancing.

Anyway...if you ever see me working out on the elliptical or bike, it's most likely I'll be mouthing the words and bobbing along to the beat (and I know I look stupid, because I've seen another person doing it and he looked dumb. Yes, only 1 other person enjoying his music in my 3 weeks working out).

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  1. This morning at the gym I had my best workout in a week and it was entirely due to the music that kept coming up on my Shuffle. I mean, I only have great music on the Shuffle, but some of it is a bit slower than other stuff, and some tunes I like more than others.

    Today, though, all of my favorite workout songs came up for my entire hour of cardio. And trust me, I was more than mouthing the words. If someone was next to me, I have no doubt that they would have heard Linkin Park and Tool being heaved out of my lungs between my heavy breaths. It was awesome!