Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One step forward...

Two giant leaping steps back.

Those two leaps back are:
  1. Grandma's Mini Cookie Bites - Vanilla Creme.
  2. Oreo Blizzard.
Up until dinner tonight, the only things I had eaten all day were 1, 2 and a granola bar. Not shitting you. I had the granola bar before I went to work. Accidentally put $1 into the vending machine and ate number 1 before 10am. Then around Noon I had number 2...as my lunch.

Yes. That is supremely unhealthy.

You know how people always say "well, when you're an adult you can do or eat whatever you want? You can have cookies for dinner!" I'm possibly the only 25 year old I know that actually literally does that. Or maybe everyone else does it every now and again and no one will admit it.

My one step forward? My work-outs have been going rather brilliantly. I'm getting noticeably stronger with each workout. I'm doing the same program on the elliptical but slowly gaining more distance (and I can actually handle the "ramp" that it pushes me up to and the resistance level, whereas at the beginning I used to have to decrease both of those levels). Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with that program. My thighs burn...I huff and puff...but it's starting to feel like I'm making headway. Now I just have to tackle my dread and fear of those blasted weight machines....

Oh yeah, and stop eating sugar all day...


  1. I'm an adult that doesn't ever eat cookies for dinner. Literally, never. Never have, and probably never will. I do have that same sort of "I'm an adult and I can eat what I want" attitude, but it usually ends up with me eating a bowl of cereal (non-sugar, as is my wont) and a soft pretzel (reheated from frozen), which, not kidding was my dinner two nights ago.

    Now that I'm not dieting, too, things are even more erratic. Some nights, I eat a more balanced dinner, but other nights, I'm just eating a cracker here, a pickle there, and trying to cobble dinner together out of snacks. Whatever I'm doing, it's working, because I no longer obsess about food. That's one step forward for me.

    Hmm, I think I'll blog about this tomorrow.

  2. I don't generally have cookies for dinner, but I have had a blizzard for dinner.

  3. No blizzard or cookies, but wine and popcorn? You betcha.