Sunday, September 09, 2007


I'm not sure why I continue to watch the VMA's. I was intrigued by what Britney would do (the answer? NOTHING. Her whole little number was very half-assed. She looked like she was just wandering around onstage. And her lip-syncing? Amazingly bad. At least she used to pretend to SING. This time she was pretending I could lip-sync better. It was just so amazingly bad I can't believe I watched it.). And I do have an issue where Justin is concerned..he was involved, so I tuned in.

Here are my thoughts on the show as a, everyone on the main stage is lip-syncing. Badly. And doing a little bit of dancing. The whole "music in the suites" thing is cool (because you know, people are actually playing music)...but there is no coverage of those does that help the show. I think 2 awards have been given (but I can't remember) and it's been an hour...stupid ass show.

Blargh. You should all remind me how horrible this is if I try to watch it next year. a footnote...watching the show and reading Best Week Ever's play-by-play has been enjoyable. Perfectly sums up my feelings about the show here.

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  1. I felt the exact same way when I tuned in. I thought "oh my god, this is so bad. Why am I watching this." And I eventually I switched channels and just went to bed. Plus, the show gave me a headache - the formatt and overall authestic was just way over the top. Every time there was a nominee there where 50 little screens moving around, it bad. The whole thing was just bad. (Except the irony of Justin Timberlake accepting an award & saying to play more videos and cut out the reality crap - while the girls who presented the award were from one of those crappy reality shows on MTV. THAT was awesome)