Saturday, August 04, 2007

No more hair...

My hair is gone. And 12.5 inches of it (yes! a foot and change, not kidding!) is going to be sent to Locks of Love on Monday. Looking at and touching that hank of hair is sort of creepy...I liken it to a dead animal. Hair, when not on the head, is sort of icky. You all just want me to get to it and post the pictures (that is, if you didn't immediately just look at the pictures before even reading this?).

So here's the before:

So much hair! Too much...

You know you're looking at this picture thinking...ugh, yeah, that looks baaaaddddd.

Here's the during:
It was quite surreal....

And here I am holding my ponytail, with my new sassy do:

The general idea is one of those angled a little bit of bang. The bangs? They are annoying me pretty heavily right now. But, I don't hate the haircut at all. Back is below...

Really short at the bottom (and feels all fuzzy and delicious. You can bet I'll be rubbing the back of my head quite a bit...). I think this pic was taken with my hair tucked behind the ears...

All in all, not a terribly traumatic experience. It feels pretty good. I think I like the do, but would like it to be longer on the sides (which was not an option). So yeah, someday some child will get a wig of Katie hair....


  1. it looks SO cute! i love it. and you are do-gooding too, so you can sleep the sleep of the just, knowing you have a super cute new haircut and that you are a Good Person. :)

    can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I really like the haircut. Almost makes me want to cut mine...Almost.

    You holding the ponytail is a bit creepy :)

  3. You have really gorgeous hair, Katie! I love the cut.