Sunday, August 05, 2007


I had a bus adventure like no other yesterday. Going home from Andersonville on the Clark bus. I wanted to post about it yesterday, but I figured the hair thing would sort of overshadow anything else. Bus Adventure:

An old guy kept pulling the stop wire for every stop. The bus driver yelled back that if he pulled it again and didn't get off, he was going to be kicked off of the bus. So, what did he do? Pull it again. The bus driver came back to the old guy and told him he had to get off the bus. Some nosy other guy gets involved and starts threatening the old guy to get off. For a bit I really thought the old guy would just sit and ignore them until the police came (because at this point the bus driver was threatening police and dialing his phone). But then, the old guy gets up, pulls the wire a dozen times and flaps his shopping bag at nosy guy while turning to go. Nosy guy punches him in the back!! At which point old guy starts flailing at nosy guy with his shopping bag and then spits in his face! Old guy gets off of the bus (bus driver is off of the bus, supposedly on the phone with the police). Old guy starts chasing the bus driver! Bus driver gets back on the bus laughing...old guy was trying to spit on him. Sounds like I made that up, but it happened. On the bus I was on. I have some weird bus luck.

I'm thinking about doing picture Saturdays. What do you think?

As for hair day turned out way better than I thought. There is one hair that's a bit too long which I might have to trim, but that doesn't bother me. I can't help but think this is a really great cut because it all laid perfectly even after a pretty violent and amateurish blow-dry. I did a little of that whole "round brush, make the bottoms turn under" thing, but mostly, it did it on it's own. The back...I'll need to be more careful with the back tomorrow. It doesn't look awful by any means, but it could be better....

So I'm sharing more pictures so that you all can see the sides/angling. I think the one pic I posted yesterday didn't really do much for the here I am on day 2. That picture of the back...yeah, that was nearly impossible to take all by myself...


  1. Hey, I though I was the only one who as freaky bus karma. That's a pretty funny story.

  2. Katie your hair looks awesome! Nice job :-) Ready to grow it out again???


    I don't have this exact dryer, but one very similar. It's much easier for me than having a brush in one hand and the hair dryer in the other. You might like it, too. M.