Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's pretend...

Let's pretend it's Saturday again. In fact, I would like a do-over for yesterday in general. Something weird happened and I felt sick as hell (like a super cold - I could not stop sneezing. And when I wasn't sneezing, I had that awful feeling that you get when you need to sneeze and can't. That uncomfortable, tickling feeling). It was a rough day and I went to bed really really early. But I feel much better today.

For my picture Saturday, I almost took a picture of my raw, chapped nose. You know you want to see it. Sexxyyyyy....

Instead, here's my picture. If you haven't done something about this (stop going to BP, sign some petitions, anything) then do it now. Here's one I haven't posted before, and here's one, and here's one.

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