Thursday, August 16, 2007

Katie is...

totally obsessed with facebook. You should join. Here's why:
  • we can play scrabulous (scrabble). Which I love. I'm mediocre at it but words and letters are fun.
  • pokes. Ok, probably nobody else enjoys this part. Basically you can poke people. They get told that they were poked. Then they can poke back. It's really meaningless. Except that I have such fun imagining my pokes. I don't poke you. I poke you lightly in the arm. Or I jab you in the ribs. Or I repeatedly poke your arm in one spot. A poke to your dimple. A quick kick to the knee. That's violent isn't it? Anyway..all those pokes are just fodder for my overactive imagination (fodder, good scrabble word!).
  • status updates. Not only do I get to read everyone's updates but I also get to write them. And that again, is just like handing a girl who is overfull of silly little quips and imagination a big juicy bone (or in my case, I'd prefer a steaming, gooey cookie). My favorite (although unused, because I haven't grown the balls yet: Katie is in need of a good poke.
Sometimes, I become overwhelmed by my obsession with technology (blogs, facebook, yelp, what's next?). Soon I'll be sitting in front of my computer for all of my waking hours...oh wait, I basically already do.


  1. You'll need to give me more reasons than that to convince me. I'm tired of social networking online crap. Call me grumpy, call me Luddite, call me a party pooper, whatever. But I'm just having a hard time getting excited about these things.

  2. really, those who have stayed away are better off. like non-smokers, they will never have to quit.

    i offer you this posting by ReckenRoll (a good s-n story here: one of my neighbors - in Alaska, physically - became a friend, i started reading his blog, i started reading his friends' blogs ... and here we are) which circles around the intrusion of facebook into her consciousness:

    it's just the statuses part at the beginning ... but anyway.

    cg is probably needing an internet detox.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I've been on Facebook for something like 2 years or more but only in the past week have I really been getting into it.

    I've been reconnecting with friends who I literally haven't seen in a decade and it's amazing to see what they're up to now. Not only that, but I'm finding that it makes it very easy to keep up with close friends who happen to be across state lines at the moment.

    Couple all that with the new(ish) application stuff and it's almost limitless what you can do (as far as social networking sites go). I've been thinking about reading up on the development documentation and trying my hand at developing my own app... all I need is an idea..