Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome mundanity...

I feel like now that I don't have school, I should blog more. You know - since I have nothing to do most nights, maybe now I can sit down in front of the blog and write about something besides school. So I'm committed to trying. Possibly next week (possibly the week after) I'm going to try to blog every night. See what comes out of me.

However, it depends on how the cleaning goes - if the cleaning goes really well, I'll try that out next week (chances are it will be the week after next). When my apartment gets super messy (super messy = coffee table and kitchen table are completely covered with shit + stairs that haven't been vacuumed) I deploy the following cleaning approach:
  1. Take everything off of the tables and corral everything littering the floor and put it in one big pile.
  2. Sort through the pile.
  3. Break out actual cleaning supplies and make everything sparkle.
I'm stuck at step 2 right now. In fact, I haven't even really started step 2. But there is a large pile of shit (not literally, but'd be surprised at the amount of trash in that pile...dirty kleenex, granola bar wrappers and junk mail) in a corner of my living room. I think the reason I can't get motivated to start sorting the pile is that now the place feels fairly clean. Clear tables, nothing much on the floor and the pile of shit is out of eyesight. So the motivation to clean is lacking...

So that's that...boring for now. Hopefully after the clean I'll start the website construction...

Oh - and, I'm about to start reading the Harry Potter books all over again in preparation for the new book. I only own 2-6, so I'm skipping the re-reading of number 1 (which I sincerely don't like that much, so I'm not upset about it). I'll let you know if I cry through parts of the last book the second time around....and I'll let you know if I spawn any new theories about Horcruxes (horcrux...horcruxi?), death, lockets...etc.

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  1. good to know i'm not the only one that re-reads in prep for the new book - and I'm skipping number 2, mostly just cuz i don't like it, and because i actually read the 1st one, and then started the books on cd in the car for the 3rd, and am now in the middle of the fourth. I have no knew theories, but your way better at that then I am, so I'm excited to hear what you pick up. cheers