Sunday, June 10, 2007

las fresas dulces...

I love sweets. My sweet tooth dominates my mouth (mental picture: one large, chocolate tooth hanging out in the back of my mouth with the molars). This weekend I bought some fresh strawberries at the farmer's market. And WOW are those things sweet. So sweet that I can only eat a small handful at a time (as opposed to when I buy fresh raspberries or blueberries and I accidentally eat the whole quart or pint in one sitting. Really - you'll be munching and look down and they're suddenly almost gone. Can't wait for those things to show up at the farmer's market). I think this is my first time with the fresh strawberries and I am wow'd with their sweetness.

Last night I found something on Boku's face - it looks bloody or rashy (you try looking at her face closely - yeah, it's impossible. I might try to take a picture later tonight so that I can zoom in with the computer. I have to use technology to look at one of my cats. Really sad. If I take a picture I'm going to update this post with a picture of her weird face problem here). This morning it didn't even look like it was there anymore. I'll try to get a good look again tonight - but this might mean a trip to the vet. And that makes me feel like crying right now (since a visit to the vet always involves chasing cats, shaking limbs and frustrated crying). I understand why some people never bring their animals to the vet. I sort of feel like becoming one of them.

My apartment smells like ASS. So, don't visit until I can start cleaning (Tuesday night!).

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