Thursday, June 14, 2007

The googliest...

Some nerdy nerdery for you tonight...

Since near the inception of this site, I've had a visit/pageview statistics counter (see way down below, at the very bottom of this page). As of this moment in time there have been 27,679 visitors to this site. Yes, that's a lot. But...remember, if you came here once a day for most of this blog's life, you were counted more than 600 times in that total...

My nerdy friends out there - I've found the MOST FUN, free traffic analyzer ever (and I've only been using it for four days). Google Analytics. I can see search words, locations, lots of cool trends including how loyal you are (how often do you come back to me, you loyal readers? Four of you in the past 4 days have been to my site between 9 and 14 times. That's a lot you nerdos. I usually post every other day at most - what are you doing here at least twice a day?).

Google analytics. Go. Add it to your site. It takes a bit for it to start functioning (I think I did it on Saturday and it fully worked on Sunday) but oooh boy, that's some fun stuff. And it's FREE.


  1. search engine bots visit multiple times a day, as do RSS aggregators. not to bust your bubble or anything :)

  2. Out of curiosity, does Google Analytics take into account your RSS feed? I rarely actually visit your site, but I do read nearly all of your posts through Google Reader.

  3. probably not-- google analytics relies on an embedded javascript, which likely isn't included in the rss feed. at least, i don't know of any way in blogger to edit the rss template. though i guess she could embed it into the post content itself, but that'd be kinda gratuitous, no?

  4. It seems I'm sort of an afterthought in this comment, it wouldn't take into account the RSS feeds. People who read my blog only through feeds aren't visiting my blog at all...but I'm glad you read!

    I wish google reader had a way for me to tell how many people subscribe (maybe I just don't know where it is...) like Bloglines does....

  5. I have a feeling that I am one of the people who goes to your blog like 14 times....theres a reason for that. I use your blog as a hub to get me to other blogs. Rather than just bookmark the blogs I read I recognize that nearly every one of them is listed in yours....get it?