Friday, June 15, 2007

Ugly in pink...

You know what I hate about the movie Pretty in Pink? That Andy (Molly Ringwald) takes her bosses really classic, fun pink prom dress and makes it into the most hideous, unflattering prom concoction EVER. I mean, the dress Andy wears to prom is possibly the ugliest prom dress in the history of movies. Every time I see this movie I feel angry that she butchers the bosses cute pink dress. It takes away from my enjoyment of the movie...

I started sorting through my pile of crap today while watching Pretty in Pink...


  1. amen sister! i couldn't agree more. that and Andrew McCarthy mean that PiP is off my list of re-watchable 80s movies.

    give me Breakfast Club anyday, however: "don't youuuu forget about meeee..."

    or 16 Candles?! um, yeah!

  2. Oh, that dress is miserable. I actually don't like PiP because I feel too bad for Ducky. He's like, the greatest guy ever, and she's an idiot for liking that other asshole dude. Ducky's suffering just breaks my heart. And I don't really like 16 Candles either, because her crush is so bland. I mean, yikes, booooring.

  3. I was just watching this movie on Vh1 the other day and I Hubby and I both agreed that the dress is ugly. However Hubby found it excusable because it was the 80's. In my opinion though, anytime you pull some kind of Frankenstein esque move on a dress so timeless you are never to be forgiven. :o)

  4. I agree. She ruins it. Plus, as a redhead, pink is really not her color.

    I read somewhere once that the original ending had her going to Ducky and ditching Andrew McCarthy, but test audiences didn't like it. They felt like it sent a bad message - like poor people and rich people should stick to their own kind. So, it reassures me a little to know that she was supposed to end up with Ducky.

    Oddly enough, PiP is one of my otherwise pretty tough and manly dad's favorite movies. He really likes Molly Ringwald.