Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer TV...

OK, so...I feel slightly embarrassed for liking it...but I like So You Think You Can Dance. I watched last week and while parts were predictably boring (I can't help but get bored during a lot of the ballroom turns), others were unusually riveting. I must say that I usually find contemporary dancing a bit sketchy and sometimes boring (all the reaching and stretching and jumping and..yawn). But last week's contemporary routine has me hooked. The song + the dancing is really amazing.

I am almost, ALMOST tempted to put my first youtube video up here. But, I'll refrain...keep this an un-youtubed up blog (not that I don't enjoy those blogs that pick out the enjoyable videos and hand them to me on a platter). But anyway, you should go here when you're bored next and watch (the music is a must though).

And that's that. I just wanted to share that dance with you. If you like watching dance numbers of any kind, you should watch...

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  1. LOVE so you think you can dance, becuz I secertly wish I was them, always wish I could dance, one regret from my childhood.