Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bang bang chitty chitty bang bang...

I wonder...if Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were pitched nowadays would it have ever made it to film? Sort of a creepy children's movie (along with Babes in Toyland)...yet somehow these are the movies I remember watching in childhood. And I was always fascinated with the weird contraptions in Chitty's house (was there an egg machine?). Fascinating fact of the day: Roald Dahl was one of the screenwriters on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - makes a LOT of sense.

I've decided that I love being in charge of RSVP's for parties. I love hearing who is coming and who isn't. It's delightful. Have a party? I'll take your RSVP's. And, this party is an experiment in email as RSVP device - I have a feeling I'll get higher numbers of email RSVPs than phone. In fact, I sort of bet that all of the people of my age will email. Email: 1. Human contact: 0.

Ending it all with some Harry I finished Azkaban. I must admit that I'm wavering a bit on Harry dying in book 7. After reading Chamber of Secrets I was sure of it - he was dying. Azkaban has me questioning. One of the things that I know I've read before (in more than one of the books) is that Voldy always underestimates the "old" types of magic (Harry's Mom protecting him with her love being the obvious one). And, because of Book 3, Peter Pettigrew owes Harry his life. A life debt. A strong, ancient form of magic. Which may come back to haunt Voldy in the end...Peter saves Harry's life at the last?

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  1. I am TOTALLY creeped out right now, because Sam and I were JUST talking about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang like, five minutes ago. He said he doesn't remember much about the movie except for the title song, and I asked him how the hell he could forget the awesome egg machine?!?!?!?!

    Did you write this because one of the Chitty songs is in a commercial now? That's what we were talking about Chitty for.