Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My tuesday...

So, I'm enjoying this whole 'blogging every day' thing. I enjoyed it last November and I enjoy it right now...

Instead of sorting through my pile of crap, I've entertained myself tonight in myriad ways. Yes, I'm technically still busy cleaning the apartment - if by cleaning you mean "walking around the crap and looking at it forlornly." The one big pile of crap has become numerous little piles of crap ("sorted") and then one smaller pile of crap. So I'm close to having the cleaning done (HA. Not true - I'm close to having the sorting done. Then I probably need hours to put stuff away, vacuum and Wet Jet).

Here's what I've done in the last 2 hours:
  1. Ate.
  2. Organized my bookshelf.
  3. The above really only meant that I put all of my yarn into lovely little Target bought faux leather milkcrates (which are both already full) and shifted books around to fit said crates onto the bookshelf.
  4. Took pictures of all of my "stash" yarns which I am now going to post on Ravelry - which I love, love, love.
  5. Read some HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men (the latter for an experimental book club).
  6. Filled out a rebate form.
  7. Started watching Sin City - which I don't love. I don't even know that I like it....
Hope you all are having a fun Tuesday...


  1. please say you loved 'Sin City'

  2. Sorry anony, I did not like it much at all. And I'm a fan of not only comic movies of most sorts, but also of a graphic novel I read by Frank Miller. So you can't claim ignorance over here....