Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Almost there...

Some days I have many ideas about blog entries I can write. Most days I don't actually write them. Today I'm just going to write every blog entry idea that I had (or at least, all of those that I can remember).

Entry #1:
Tomorrow night I give a short presentation with my group member (the best group ever! But I knew her before - and we knew we would work together well. It went so smoothly that the class seemed like a piece of cake. Isn't it nice to hear about a good group work experience? Although my belief that group work has no place in graduate school still holds) and then that class is done. I wish I could share my final project (my last name is all over it, so I'm not keen to share) with you guys because I'm pretty damn proud of it (although the reason I'm proud is hopelessly nerdy. I don't love it because the site looks nice or works correctly - although it does both. I love it because of the way we implemented everything. Yeah. That's pretty nerdy).

Entry #2:
Over the summer I plan to build myself a website. I learned yesterday that I can use the server at work to build the site (although in the end, after the site is developed I'll move it from that server to a host, because again, developing it at work my last name will be all over it). I'm going to try my hand at design (which is my shortcoming) - so over the next few months you can expect some questions for you all about the look of certain things. This blog will move over there. And there will be a part of the site that is a portfolio of my work (so that in the future, potential employers can have one place to go to to try to hire me). I think this ultimately means that eventually my name, full name will be attached to all these blog entries. Which, isn't the worst thing in the world. But there are always worries when going public with your name on the internet. I'll have to think about that some more.

I think I've changed a bit. I feel calmer as of late - and I truly think it has to do with the fact that I feel like I have a happy future in work that I like. It may seem like a simple thing, but I never had any solid plan for my career. Not in high school, not in college, not when I was working for a living....I also feel like maybe I'm getting a little more patient. Maybe.

Entry #4:
My hand-knitted blanket (I like to call it Saffy Cables - which is really only a shortening of the pattern name - Saffron Cables) is progressing slowly. Every other project has sort of been shafted to the side (although all that sock yarn on its way to my Mom's is going to be super hard to resist). And tonight I finished my first pattern repeat! Yay! Just 2 repeats to go (and some change, I'm thinking about knitting until my yarn runs out even if that means the pattern ends at a weird place). Saffy in numbers:

Current width of the blanket: 254 stitches.
Current width in inches: ~57 inches (it's hard to measure on circular needles)
Current length of the blanket: ~95 rows (i'm a bad row counter still)
Current length in inches: 16.5 inches
Total number of stitches knitted so far: ~23,617

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