Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weekend review...

I know, the weekend isn't over yet...but it's been a busy one and I feel like reviewing it. So stop complaining and read. Here's what I did:

I tried what is possibly my second attempt at baking since moving here in 2004 (yes. That is sad.). After baking it for much longer than the recommended 45 minutes, I have banana bread; one of my favorites. I think I probably should have baked it even longer, but it still tastes good (it's not doughy...I don't know why I feel like I should have left it longer, I just do). So - that was a success.

I checked the website for my class one million times to see if my midterm had been posted. As of 10:00pm on Saturday, still not posted. It is due at midnight on Monday.

Had a nice lunch with long lost cousin B and the sister.

Had drinks with some co-workers and didn't die from social anxiety. I think my social anxiety works like so: get invited somewhere. Accept. Feel nervous and anxious up until the point where I am actually there (be it for days, minutes, hours). Get there and feel fine. Maybe I should call it...anticipatory social anxiety? Is anticipatory a word? If not, I don't care, because that is the perfect word for the situation.

Went to a concert (The Kooks) at a very early hour (start time: 6:30). After seeing the band, we realized this is probably because at least one of them is under the legal drinking age. Yes. The band was made up of babies. After some fairly informative Wikipedia'ing I learned some really interesting (although you can never fully trust the validity of Wiki-facts) tidbits:
  • At one point, the one guitarist was known as "the youngest man in rock". He's still under the legal drinking age.
  • Naive, a delightful song, was written by the lead singer when he was....wait for it.........16. Yeah - you can feel bad about your 16 year old self now - what were you doing? Worrying about prom? Breaking up with your boyfriend? Worrying about AP classes? Writing a hit single?
  • Um...this is the weirdest one...they are supposedly starting a fashion line.....of boots. Which is FANTASTIC, since all I did at the concert was make fun of their boots. No really. Not kidding.
I feel I should mention that this was possibly the best concert-going experience I have had at a Chicago venue (of the Metro/Vic/Riviera variety). We found an amazing spot to stand (and I'm not telling you where, so that you can't use that spot and ruin the possible use of it in the future). By the last few songs, some nice girls decided to leave and gave us their perfect seats. I saw the band the entire concert, got to sit for a while and didn't feel too crowded (although we did have two drunkies behind us...but that's almost a given). Perfect. Possibly impossible to repeat.

What else, what else...I complained a lot about my mail. I bought myself a pot of mums to cheer myself up after the mail fiasco escalated yesterday. I bought a seriously brilliant present in advance for my friends personal shower (ha ha ha ha!).

It's been a good one - I didn't do much for school and it felt nice. I'm telling you, this quarter I'm having a really hard time caring about my grades/class. For two of my classes, this doesn't matter at all. For another? Bad. News.

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