Friday, May 04, 2007

The waiting game bites me in the ass....

Remember my mail issue? I forgot to put that in my post yesterday: Waiting to get mail regularly. Well, today it just got that much worse. I'm about to fricking contact Chicago Tribune about this shit (emailing What's Your Problem sounds really tempting...).

Ok - so the post office claims the buzzer is broken. This morning I actually spoke with a human at my landlord's office and he explained the situation: The buzzer on ONE side of my building is broken (the building can be accessed from two roads). The side of the building it's broken on? NOT MINE. So, if the mailman was actually doing his job, he would walk to MY SIDE of the building, use his buzzer, and OPEN THE DAMN DOOR. But, he won't. I can only assume it is because he is lazy. I'm not getting mail because I have a lazy-ass mailman. landlord, to temporarily fix the issue, gave the mailman a key to the lobby. HE WON'T USE IT (i guess we should all be glad? Because apparently they aren't allowed to use keys? But right now, it just seems insane). This is insanity.

The landlord is waiting for a part to fix the buzzer (that is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING). It could be a week. It could be longer.

I have no words here. Fury?

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