Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A letter plus flotsam...

Dear Harry Potter Lego key chain,

You have been strong during this last year of one-leggedness. You have bravely soldiered on as my mailbox key chain (even through this period of disuse). But your time has come to an end. You no longer have a mouth. Your tie is rubbing off. And your leg...well, you've been one legged for a while.

I'll miss you HP lego man...but your replacement is raring to go (Welcome wooden, Italian fish).




I got LOADS of mail today. And the brilliant part is: I watched the mailman struggle up the stairs on my side of the building (it's not brilliant that she had to struggle, that sucks. Although I can't help but observe that if she didn't have 60 pounds of undelivered mail it wouldn't have been so bad). The point was: they FINALLY got so many complaints that the mailman was forced to walk around the block. It's sort of blissful to have mail....

Last night I had two sort of devastating dreams (so I'm a tidge tired). In the first, my Mom fell down the stairs while I watched. In the second, Planet Sears (yes, I know...imaginary planet) collided with the Moon and the Moon fell to Earth. My imagination was fairly vivid because watching the Moon fall to Earth was amazingly graphic and horrifying. And then it was a random assortment of scenes of myself and others dealing with the catastrophe (and at one point trying to figure out what the actual consequences had been). Not restful.

My midterm came on Sunday at noon and isn't due until next Sunday at midnight. It sort of works out better for me this way anyway since I have nothing to do this weekend.

'S all for now....

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