Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I learned in Utah...

I was in Salt Lake City for the first time this weekend...and here for your enjoyment is a list of things I learned throughout the weekend (note: I was attending a family wedding.....No. They are not mormons. List presented in no logical order)
  1. No matter how drunk I get at Katy's wedding, I will NOT kick off my shoes. Near head injury.
  2. No matter how drunk I get I will NOT jump up and down in my dress. Um. Yeah. Insert mental picture of a strapless dress, a girl with large breasts line dancing. Not. Good.
  3. Sitting next to your Grandpa while listening to My Humps is awkward. Very, very awkward.
  4. Utah is probably much more interesting in the winter.
  5. However, seeing the Olympic ski jumps and luge/bobsled track was pretty interesting.
  6. I am thinking about learning to ski this winter. Anyone interested in a quick trip to the nearest bunny hill?
  7. Not to offend any mormons out there, but "Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" sounds like a swear. Say it like you're angry or like you just hurt yourself. Works, doesn't it?
  8. My ability to do homework while on vacation is...low. Very low.
  9. My grandparents are very mortal...what I mean is, they seem to be aging heavily, by the second...
  10. Buying a skirt right now is easy for a short person - for the first time ever, shopping for clothes is easy for me! Because the trend is short...skirts fit me like they are a normal length!
Inspired by Utah but not directly related:

  1. I bought the cutest shoes...although they do have some gold on them which is very unusual for me.

Totally unrelated:
  1. My quest to be eco-friendly now includes laundry detergent. It smells delightful and I notice no difference in its cleaning power. It is a huge, heavy container though (compared to my All Small & Mighty) and that's no fun.
  2. I have added a bunch of the stuff from my Amazon wishlist to my kaboodle wishlist - I may just add everything there and sort of shut down the amazon wishlist. It sort of sucks for you all to have to go to 2 different places. I know the bonus of the Amazon list is that you don't have to know my address or whatever. But how many people actually would buy me a present who don't know my address? And...it's probably better if you don't ship it to me anyway...the package thief may still strike.
  3. That midterm that I bitched about and hated so much (I still feel a bit angry when thinking about it)? Well, I aced that thing with flying colors. I do believe that the professor has stopped grading in an evil, unkind way. Maybe everyone was doing so poorly that he became a softy?
  4. While I was away over the weekend one of my groups failed to turn in an assignment that was due. Yes. They just didn't turn it in. 3 people. No one turned it in. I emailed my professor about how much my group just SUCKS and that I haven't spoken up because up to this point I've managed to keep it all from falling apart. But I leave and it all comes crashing down. Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I hate those people (see? It works! I wonder if I'll get mormon death threats now....)

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