Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm having a bad day. It started out pretty poorly (it's summer again. Which means my apartment is hot. And I sleep fitfully and sweat a lot. A/C unit coming next week)...then it was OK (I made some great strides in coding at work) then it hit a wall (coding at work is still throwing an error I am not sure about). And now I've been slowly slithering down that wall...I think I just hit the floor pretty hard...

I'm doing a project for one of my classes - a website with a "group" (just me and another girl). Most classes, if you do a group website, you get a new, clean web account to use. This class we are using mine. And I just realized that the configuration files for our project are rendering my assignments unworkable. So while our project is really close to done, all of this other work that I thought was perfect has stopped working. I want to scream. There is no fix. Either the project works or the assignments work. This is why we should have gotten a clean, new account. Fucking A, it just sucks ASS. What if I fail 2 assignments (the number that haven't been graded yet) because I was nice enough to offer my account to the group to use? I guess another case of the nice guy never coming out first huh?

I think I'm having a little panic in general and so this project/assignment wrinkle is hitting especially hard. My panic is over the fact that I am losing 4 solid days of work time to go to Utah to a wedding. I want to go to the wedding. If I wasn't still in school, I'd be super excited. I've never been to Salt Lake City. I want to be excited. But every time I stop to think, I think about all of my classes.

Writing this out has made me feel a little better...hopefully my professor will answer my email soon and there will be some resolution to this homework issue. Sigh - I have got to go clean a little. I can't really leave dirty dishes in my sink over the weekend (that's a bit gross).

I hope you all have a great one. I imagine I won't be writing again because I really need to go do some work...

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  1. sorry dude. i hope you have a breakthrough soon. i feel your pain. hope the cicadas offered some brief respite. :)

    remember this: your memories of this wedding will likely stay with you much longer than the particulars of these assignments, and anyway, you are very smart and will very likely have some kind of brainwave that will fix all these issues. so enjoy your time in salt lake city. and let me know if all roads lead to the temple, because when i was briefly there (road trip stop off) we almost couldn't keep going bcs we kept circling the Temple as we attempted to find our way back to the interstate.

    have fun!