Monday, May 21, 2007

Some letters...

Dear Cicadas,

If you don't live in Chicago, I'm going to be super disappointed. Pictures of you disgust me and the idea of "crunching" over you on the walk to work is revolting.

BUT, having said that, I want to see one of you buggers, up close and personal. 17 years is a long time - what if I go blind 16 and a half years from now and never get to see you? Some may argue that I didn't miss much...but I just, I want to see you...

Move to Chicago please,

Dear Those-who-have-religion,

Tonight on the train, a "preacher" went on and on in a loud voice about the disastrous mistake I'm making in not accepting the Saviour into my heart. I do believe he was some kind of preacher...he and his cohorts, with their bibles, were very well dressed, attractive and mostly intelligent sounding (besides, you know, all the Jesusy talk).

What I don't understand is how people who preach about giving, forgiveness, love (which this gentlemen was doing) can then, in the next sentence, tell me how I am going to hell. That is the worst kind of hypocrisy. If Jesus is all about the forgiveness, wouldn't he forgive those who make one judgement error? And what about people who are "simple"? Are they all going to hell because they don't even understand about Jesus and hearts and such? Babies - no decisions made there...Hell?

And I'm always shocked by the tolerance of a crowded train. No one spoke up to this man to tell him to can it (and he was LOUD). Can you imagine if I stood up on a train and starting telling people about my beliefs? I would be stoned. Forgiveness my ass.

As a slightly unrelated side note - I am always a little surprised by people who think atheists are ruining things for them (in terms of taking religion out of schools/government). From my perspective, we're the only ones that are trying to protect everyone's right to believe what they want. If you don't believe in Jesus, you shouldn't have to see him on a cross at your court hearing. And if you do believe in him - by all means, bring a little picture with to your court hearing, pray loudly in public - do what you want. Just, don't force me to participate. That is unfair.

That is all,

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  1. I seem to remember those crunch little bugs living in Chicago 17 years ago. I hated them. I'm not excited.