Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dashes of nothingness...

Every year around midterm and final time, I set records for minesweeper. Because I play it so much as a procrastination method that I'm bound to set a record. I just set an amazing expert record of 91 seconds. While using a touchpad on a laptop. Beat that.

Have you ever sort of hated someone but liked them at the same time? Or been unable to figure out if you're attracted to someone? And then that person is the same person? This is why I don't date. Because I might be attracted to someone I hate. Except not really, when I think about it, I'm not attracted. Nor do I hate him. Most of the time. Apparently I'm confused.

I've been knitting a lot too (Knitting my blanket: I'm at row 54 of a 76 row repeat and each row is 254 stitches - which I have to do 3 times yeah, still nowhere near being done). Knitting and trying to structure my thoughts. Because this midterm sucks..and it involves actual strategizing and coming up with bullshit but pretending that bullshit is intelligently crafted. I really am expecting a horrible grade on this exam. I hate this kind of shit. I prefer programming; tangible creation of goods. Burn out city: population, me. Honestly, I already checked what I could get in the class, gradewise, and still have it count towards my degree (C-). This one, awful class is going to ruin any chance I have of graduating "with distinction." Even with burn-out, my other two classes are solid A's. Boo.

Now I should go back to the midterm. I'm so close to being finished that I keep putting it off (I'll finish the last two sentences in the next commercial break. I have 24+ hours still, no rush, I'll take a break, etc).

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  1. a side note on knitting - thought you might get a kick out of this post by Danny Mittleman, CTI professor, not sure where he found it in the first place ... didn't follow up.

    as for the vagaries of attraction, who the heck knows. i've both experienced the phenomenon you describe (my outcome, not so great - attraction: dissipated; hate, or shall we say dislike or distaste: ongoing) and have seen it experienced by others (some better outcomes, ie the hate was just chemistry in early stages, not actually hate). i dare to believe that i can be attracted, and actually like someone at the same time -- and i demand the same of him -- plus i have all these other pesky requirements i won't detail here, which is apparently why i don't date lately. my rule of thumb is that if i am not sure i am attracted, i probably am not and i end up in the situation i mentioned above.

    anyway, this comment was really all about that scarf you'll see in the linked post above. have a good Friday!