Thursday, April 05, 2007

Whoopsy Daisy...

Some odds and ends...
  • While on vacation I finished another book quest novel - The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski. The book was intriguing...interesting. It definitely kept my interest. And it holds the unique position of being the most graphic, explicit book I have ever read. Honestly. Which I completely did not expect. Brutal, bloody murders/fights, rape, rape, gang rape, dog killed, bird tortured, etc. I felt cringey often. But I somehow stayed involved in it.
  • I think silk flower arrangements would be all that much more realistic if they included some slightly droopy or wilting flowers.
  • The cold has sucked all of the humidity out of my apartment and a humidifier disaster (of the black scary mold type) has left me with no fix for it. So I'm dry. And my new Gap boyfriend khakis have the hardest, scratchiest, most painful seams in the thighs. It was an uncomfortable day.
That's all.

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