Sunday, April 22, 2007

Planet Earth obsession...

Ok, I'm only on my 5th episode but I'm totally addicted. I took long breaks today to work without interruption and to wander outside...but I love this animal stuff. And I still feel a little like crying during every episode (usually when Sigourney blames us or climate change for impending extinction).

But, I thought you should know that I have a few new favorite animals. Most notably the Pika (so cute!) and the Asiatic Wild Ass. I've had a soft spot for donkeys for a while now - I met my first when my sister and I went to meet a Pony. Didn't care much for the horses or ponies, but I did love the only donkey there. And while at Sea World, there was a donkey in a little pasture (why? I don't know...he was stabled with the Budweiser Clydsdales...yes, Sea World has a Budweiser stable) and my Mom and I sat and watched him for quite a while. And I got to pet the little guy.

And, while I truly love the donkey and donkey like animals either way, how much fun is it to say something like: Oh look at the wild ass! I love a cute ass!

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