Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day letter...

Dear Earth,

Shit. I'm sorry. We humans suck.

Today I've been working on computer crap (and while it was a lovely day, I only got outside for maybe an hour) and watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. There has been a lot of hype for this series on talk-shows and what I started watching mainly because there was nothing else on. And I was quite skeptical. But it is amazing. The first one I watched, Deep Ocean, didn't have much that truly interests me, but it was still breathtaking and amazing (although there was a creepy squid...I believe they referred to it as the squid from hell).

In An Inconvenient Truth there was an awful cartoon that tugged the heartstrings...the little cartoon of the polar bear...having problems with the ice...dying (or maybe it was just implied that the bear was going to die/drown). Watching Planet Earth: Ice Worlds, um.....yeah, you see a real Polar Bear go through that. It doesn't drown...but it has to retreat to land which isn't natural, isn't their "hunting ground" and it basically ends up digging a hole, crawling in and dying. And if you think Al Gore is mostly full of shit - maybe the real thing can convince you. Truly awful to watch.

So today I've decided to step up my efforts to "go green". I'm no longer going to use paper plates or napkins (paper towels are better because they aren't "2-ply"). Chicago really doesn't recycle, so I think I'll start saving recyclables and bringing them to my Mom's house. I may just follow in my sister's intended footsteps and buy only green cleaning products, kleenex, paper towels. Possibly toilet paper. Do what I can, while I can...


PS - to readers, you should really do something...anything helps. And I would totally recommend Planet Earth, but keep a kleenex handy during the Ice Worlds episode (I've seen Ice Worlds, Deep Sea and Desert so far, and the other two didn't make me cry at all).

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