Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thoughts on Wednesday...

For about 10 minutes there I thought it was Thursday...and Thursday thoughts is SUCH a better title for this post. But oh well.
  • I do not trust people who constantly drink energy drinks. It feels...somehow trendy and shallow to me. I'm sure they don't taste good - so why do you need the energy? Go to sleep or eat properly and get energy the natural way.
  • Happy Birthday Pooj!
  • Obama....his Hollywood event...I've read some bitching and moaning out there (why should Hollywood matter? Why pander to them? etc). First: he's fundraising and they have money. Second: no matter how much we wish it wasn't true, people do listen to Hollywood....people read gossip mags (self included - although my US subscription did lapse and I'm not missing it all that much)...Hollywood has power. Even if it makes no sense that trashy, skinny girls and self-righteous actors have an effect on the masses, they do. Because some people don't care about politics and only get their political news from scandals (the Dixie Chicks) or from crusading actors (George Clooney etc.).
  • Why is it that, although I do consider myself intelligent, I constantly want to call a medical prescription a subscription and I always want to call a magazine subscription a prescription? Clearly there is a slow cell upstairs...
I hope you all are enjoying the weather...this is the kind of winter weather I enjoy...

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