Monday, February 19, 2007

Radiator debacle of 2007...

My apartment is currently shrouded in plastic drop cloths. There is a man hammering at the wet, warping wall by my radiator. They took out a piece of pipe (which was supposed to be connected somewhere and pulled out too easily). They are currently pulling out the entire radiator.

Nothing good can come of this. I may just keep updating you for a few hours to come....

Update 1.0 (10:30 am): Currently they are sawing the shit out of a pipe....causing me to go deaf. Holy shit is it loud. And the radiator is totally away from the wall - completely unattached.

Update 1.1 (11:00 am): They seem confused. They are leaving. "We have to figure out what to do". Wall and radiator are not joined...there is no longer an On/Off valve (there is no longer a pipe connecting the radiator to the wall, just a gaping pipe hole in the wall). Apartment is getting a little cool...possible inability to attend work (I don't want to leave this mess/let these men run amok while I'm not here). I look like the biggest work skivver in the world...

Update 1.2 (11:54 am): My apartment smells really, really bad. They are now talking about scraping all of the ruined wall off. The ceiling is probably 20 ft high...ladder talk.

Update 1.3 (12:35PM): The workmen are on lunch (and have been since noon). While they were away I took a look inside the gaping hole in the wall. I immediately began to imagine big rats and spiders crawling out of it since that is the kind of hole it is. Mona is uber-curious and I don't feel comfortable letting her near it (remember, she is dumb and will lick anything). I hate the hole.

Update 2.0 (3:37pm): Sorry for the lack of update, I was busy using my downtime doing homework. And I was banned from the couch while the workers scraped the shit out of the wall. They JUST left, the heat turned on two minutes ago...and guess what? Radiator leaking all over the floor now. Before...just leaking into the, leaking onto the floor. LOVELY. I have called the landlord again and hope someone will be back any minute now. Plus, when the heat turns on, it smells like cooking I'm slowly being poisoned.



  1. It'll be interesting what the pundits have to say when contrasting this with RadiatorWatch '06.

  2. I hope they took out all of the ruined wall. I don't want to alarm you but mold is a Very Bad Thing. All of that wet wall should be taken out and replaced/patched.

    I hope your landlord fixes everything!

  3. At least you have it better than some of the tenants here at Hippyville USA. Dec. 26 two tenants living in below ground flats had RAW SEWAGE come out of their toilets uncontrollably. Just picture that...EGH!