Saturday, February 10, 2007


I can't help it - I want Obama to be it. I want him to get the democratic nomination. I want him to be the democrat I get to vote for. I know there's a lot of sort of derisive talk out there that he's running on his "celebrity" and such....but...who cares? He's charming - he's got me hooked. He seems to be genuine - and if he isn't, he's doing a damn good job of putting that front on. I think he's got that charisma that JFK or Bill Clinton had (who, by the way, I would have been all over if I'd been alive/of age). I guess I'm a fickle politics follower - I fall for the charismatic.

And it doesn't hurt that so far, I agree with almost all of Obama's politics.

I don't mind Hil, but I think I'm slowly going to get tired of her. I know she's full-steam ahead and right now, the most likely nominee (but I'm hoping that having an early lead is actually going to be a hindrance. Think: Bears, Superbowl).

Either way, I'll be watching closely. I may talk politics a little more on this blog...(although I probably still won't be any kind of expert...or even all that well-informed. All. Personal. Opinion. So, if your opinion differs, let's try to keep the comments nice and not nasty - I don't want to go back to the time when I was getting such mean comments that I thought about closing this blog down).


  1. I actually like Edwards better, though if he's out, I'd rather vote for Obama vs. Hil.

  2. I too am excited by Obama. I think he is my candidate of choice. And I have to say, I don't like Edwards. I would have been fine with him as VP but he won't get my vote. The whole malpractice lawyer thing kinda turns me off. Especially since many of his cases have been against obstetricians.