Saturday, February 10, 2007

I cannot resist....

I'm hating my group members today. And I mean just utter frustration and hatred. One of the members of my group is foreign (not sure from where) but English is not his first/native language. He is in a graduate level web development course and doesn't know basic HTML (not to mention which is what we program in). So, in order to give him a chunk of work, we assigned the budget/technical specifications to him (a "deliverable", we get a list of requirements to fulfill). I just got three emails from him (10 minutes in between each one). He doesn't know what it means to host a website. He basically asked us to explain basic web site development/technology. I got angry after reading the first email (in which he asked us to define every single word in the requirements).

Then I laughed hysterically (maybe because my anger has made me hysterical or maybe because his email is so silly) at his next:

I'm having a heart attack, here.
Choice of ISP service and the rationale for this?
I feel like a living thing from an outer space.
and again, if you send me any info, I' ll be very glad.

Living thing from an outer space? Maybe not so much that as NOT QUALIFIED TO BE IN A GRADUATE LEVEL COURSE ON WEB DEVELOPMENT. Some of you NOT in grad school for web-site development even know what ISP means and what an ISP does. And if you didn't, you'd know enough to at least wikipedia it.

Then he sent me a personal email apologizing for all the questions and asking me to point him towards detailed information (part of the deliverable WAS research based, which, as the non-programming member of the group, he should do). He ended each email with "I'll be very glad".

What a frustrating weekend. Dealing with the computer crash (downloading and installing everything I needed took hours...and then more hours) and horrible, useless group members has eaten away my day. Maybe Sunday will be more productive...

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