Sunday, February 11, 2007

My nerdy roots...

I don't really know how most people in my age group were introduced to computers, but my Dad had computers around the house from the very beginning. I remember playing old school horse racing games (with blobs for horses). Jones in the Fast Lane (ah the memories). But particularly I remember King's Quest. I yearn for games like that (because yes, I still heart a good computer game).

And I just found out...they re-released all of the quest games compatible with XP. I can't decide if I should buy it (it's $20!) and pretend it's a Valentine's Day gift for myself...or if I should let it rot on my wish list (there are a lot of reasons to do that - the most important being that if I have the games around, I'm going to want to play them. Which will decrease my productivity about 75%).

There is also a Space Quest and a Leisure Suit Larry compilation (good stuff!). I remember sitting and watching my Dad play those games (probably for hours). Maybe that's why I'm the computer nerd I am today....


  1. Ohhhh, buy them, so I can borrow them when you're done with um....use at work.

  2. Buy them so I can borrow them too. Sport of Kings (Horse Racing) was the best game ever - Blade of Grass was the best horse ever. Jones is probly the best game EVER made.