Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why I am at home and not at class...

Because I am a class-skipper. I have always been a skipper. I think maybe most of you out there don't realize just how much I skip class. Here's how it happens:
  1. I start to get feed back from homework, tests, etc.
  2. I realize I am getting/most likely going to get an A.
  3. I grow complacent.
And there you have it. Plus I had a good day today and I didn't feel like ruining it by going to class. I'm going to blurb you today - flit from topic to topic at random.

First, anonymous that left a comment on that last blog post - are you a cousin? I think you are. You and the sister can fight over who gets to borrow the games first after I start winning them (since I should be receiving the package at the beginning of next week).

Today, at work, I finally got to spend a chunk of time with my new co-workers. Usually I sit in a room with 5 cubicles by myself (3 of the other cubes belong to people, it's just that they are rarely around - one is part-time and the other two spend time on other campuses often). I think I'm going to call my co-workers the "generics" since every single person (self-included) in my new office has the most generic, normal first name in the history of the world. Honestly. I'd list the names but that feels wrong, so just take my word for it. Either way, I like these guys - they are totally weird and cynical. It's led me to believe that all computer people of a certain age range have the same sense of humor and I fit right in to it. It should be fun.

So I love my friends (a lot really). But I'm starting to believe that no matter how much I want to be a good correspondent/pen-pal, it's just impossible to keep sending snail mail after snail mail and never getting a response. I keep berating myself - I should want to send them all letters, give them love - I shouldn't do it and need anything in return. In theory, I feel that way - but it's like if I was constantly leaving detailed voice-mails and never getting a call back. That wouldn't be ok, right? So, constantly sending real mail and never hearing back (since these are usually real letters, they have actual content)'s like you can only give so know? I'm still going to try to send cards every now and again, but I guess it's time to come to the hard-realization that having a "correspondence" requires 2 friends, I heart you...but expect less mail...

Now, I'm going to go enjoy my good mood, watch some Ugly Betty (being home on Thursday night sure has it's perks!) and waste time that I should be studying by working on...nothing!


  1. OH no, I know you were totally talking about me, and just tonight I realized that I HAVE to get into writing snail mail becuz I just received two cards in the mail (of course one from you, which I loved!) and realized I have to return the love of getting mail, I WANT to return the love of getting mail, I PROMISE to do better. How bad is this, my BROTHER sent me a valentine's card and I sent none. Now I KNOW I have to get on the train. I STILL LOVE YOU, please still love me!

  2. You send snail mail to people? You're a good person. I love snail mail, but I'm horrible at writing, so I don't even expect it. Heck, sometimes I don't even have time to e-mail.