Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some notes from the day...

  • I think I have to go ahead and delete some of the links to blogs of friends...basically dead blogs. It's just starting to get to the point where it seems silly to even have a link to a site that is 6 months dead...
  • Quitting the job today...it was almost a pleasure compared to my last time around. It highlighted the problems in that first "real" job. The fact that all of my bosses today (I have between 3 and 4. Yes, I had to notice them all) were happy for me...well that just goes to show how a real manager and office should work. The last time I did this there was talk of punishment, talk of giving me the worst tasks for my last two weeks, talk of taking away privileges in case I sabotaged. Something that none of my bosses today considered for a second. Not for a second. And I'm actually sad to go. While my job is boring, my big supervisor (the highest up) is someone I highly respect. I just can't believe how small, how petty the managers at the "real" job were and the contrast with my current managers.
  • The whole quitting thing is still bittersweet. Tomorrow I have to call the fashion lady and turn down her offer. Which I dread. Because I like her as a person and it's almost like turning down a request for help from a friend. But its not. And I'll get over it. And today I was told by my "big supervisor" that he had planned to create a full time position for me down the line. He's still going to eventually create the position and even mentioned offering it to me in the future. I guess this is what networking is, heh?
  • I finished On the Road by Jack Kerouac. There were some great passages/sentences that I did stop and think...oh, that was nice. But all in all, I hated Dean. And the book itself...I'm neutral.


  1. I need you to help me delete my blog. I just can't do it, I'm not that entertaining and I don't really enjoy it. So you can delete my link and then help me delete the whole thing. Thanks :-)

  2. Feel free to delete the link to my blog. Sorry, no time to blog anymore.