Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok, so today hasn't really been a bad day. Sure I didn't sleep well (at all!) last night. And someone somewhere was blasting music this morning (in my half sleep state I keep thinking it was Simon & Garfunkel. I know it was music that my Dad and sister listen to. I remember thinking...who, WHO blasts this kind of music. And before 8am?). And I had my quarterly gyn appointment (all keep your fingers crossed - if this smear is normal, I'm considered normal and then I don't have to go back for a whole 6 months! 6 months!!!) which is never, never fun.

But finally, because I did get offered the second job. Which makes my next few days excruciating. Basically I have to take that second job. It's a 50% increase in pay (hooray!) while giving me amazing programming/web development experience. It's just...I liked the owner of the first company so much. And just wanted to help her so much. I'm going to see if we can still work something out...which it seems we probably won't be able to. And that makes me feel sad and sucky. Because as an adult I really should take the job that pays me along with adding to my resume.


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