Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On the topic of comments...

More than once (in fact, more commonly in the past month than ever before) I've gotten some interesting comments (where do you people find me??). I think I've deleted a total of 3 from this blog, ever. Two of them because they were the length of a short novel and totally irrelevant. One because it was possibly the cruelest comment in the history of the comment world. So, I didn't delete the comment on the last post because truly, it wasn't nearly as cruel. For those who commented in response, I thank you all for defending me. Here's my thoughts on the comment:

I wasn't going to respond to it at all, just leave it up there for all to ponder. I guess I felt like this commenter gets off on this kind of thing, wants this to happen and then giggles about it. Didn't want to give him/her the satisfaction. But then you guys starting defending me, so I figured it would be really passive to say nothing at all. And I'd like to think that I am low on the passivity scale (i'll pretend such a scale exists). I think it has to be hard for anyone who doesn't know me to read this blog and truly understand where any of it is coming from. This person clearly doesn't know me...and I think prides himself/herself on commenting critically on blogs. I can fully understand the idea behind the comment: it's like when truly skinny people complain about being fat. You can't invalidate their feelings...maybe they really do feel fat. But at the same time, you want to shake them and yell something like "shut up! you have no right to feel that way." As someone with debt, he/she was pissed that a debt-free girl would complain about money. Understandable.

However, the world is not so very black and white. Just because I have money in the bank, I cannot complain that the money is steadily leaking into DePaul? It's really not fair to anyone, it's like denying that a scale of any kind exists. I can think of practically no area of my life where I am either one or the other (I am female (although there is an argument out there that this isn't nearly so black/white either), I am straight...but again, I tend to see sexuality as a sliding scale as well...).

The truth is that in the heat of the moment, I freaked out about my tuition increase. I wrote about those feelings. I have absolutely no shame about feeling them or writing them. But maybe I should have originally put in a disclaimer that I am still much better off than many/most students out there. I am grateful everyday for the situation I was born into and I think anyone that knows me, knows that. And as for boasting about the money...that is laughable. I don't think that even deserves an answer.


  1. Wow, that's heavy. I'm impressed by the outpouring of support -- from three people. Neat. One of them is another trust fund baby. Another is saying, "That's mean - leave my friend alone!" To the third, the answer is "yesyesyes."

    You blogged about your hardship with your tab. Then sometime after posting you realized "Ooops! I have money to take care of that. I'm a...hmmm...I'm a shit. No - wait - I'm a shit of the week!"

    Cute. Look at me everyone!


  2. The internet is an interesting place. A place where you can (somewhat) anonymously post your opinions, concerns, gripes, etc. as a way to get things off your chest.

    Everyone has the right to have their own opinions. I just think it's a little sad that someone gets off on trying to make a complete stranger look bad. I don't think that anyone who knows Katie is offended by what she wrote so really that's all that matters. And if they were, tough shit. If you don't like it, don't read it.

  3. Katie....no reason to justify your position, some people just don't get it and never will. Their loss.

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