Friday, December 02, 2005

You-Know-Who and Mona...

This post is not intended for non-readers of Harry Potter or people who don't like cats. If you are either of those things, no point in reading on.

Ok, so I just wanted to complain about the cats really quickly. While they both have been doing really well having me around all the time (Boku really seems to like me now, even though I can still only pet her while she is standing) Mona has become needy. I love my cats, but having Mona on my lap all day is really hindering. Plus, Mona has taken to sleeping with me...she'll come join me in the middle of the night (2ish) and wake me up by crawling all over me and then settling on my legs or in between so that I cannot move. And while I may be comfortable, the minute you can't move you really want to move. Ah well, I always said I'd like it if they slept with me. Be careful what you wish for eh?

Now the serious question: I've been re-reading the whole HP series to see if I can glean any clues from it. It's taken a bunch of my time, but been really enjoyable. I just finished the fourth book and there is one sentence that ALWAYS bothers me (since this is probably my 6th time reading it) and I thought maybe you HP readers out there could give me your take on it. Back story is that Harry is telling Dumbledore what happened at the graveyard. He just finishes telling him that since Voldemort has his blood, the whole "mother's love" protection is gone and now He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named can touch him. And, "For a fleeting instant, Harry thought he saw a gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore's eyes." Ok, we all know by now that Rowling doesn't put anything extraneous or needless in these books. So what the hell is that supposed to mean??? Is Dumbledore secretly bad?

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  1. I think it means that Dumbledore has known from the first book on, that Harry will be the one to bring Voldermort down. I tend to believe that Dumbledore's gleam was probably excitment that indeed it has been done, he has come back and now they can move forward in doing away with him. Does this make any sense? If anything, JK was most likely trying to get the point acroos that Dumbledore is smarter than anyone could imagine and most likely has most of this planned out. I find it to believe that he is on the dark side. Dumbledore has consistently shown that he knows more info than he has let on to the others in the book.

    Now on a whole other issue concerning Dumbledore is the way he was protrayed in the forth movie. What happened to the frail old man? I always imagined him to be slow and graceful, not agressive and loud.