Wednesday, November 30, 2005

As my days are mostly empty (or filled with cleaning/organizing/christmas shopping) I have tried to start preparing myself for grad school. I read over my schedule (course descriptions and all) and I felt a bit of panic. I know nothing about computers and I'm taking the following:

Java I
Analysis and Design Techniques
Data Analysis
Basic Communication Systems

I was going to post relevant and scary descriptions in here but of course, the DePaul website just went down. For a school that supposedly has one of the best computer schools around, they have a startlingly bad website. Always hanging up and NOT user friendly. Anyway, most of my panic was aimed at Data Analysis which involves calculus. Ah well, I made my bed....right?

I would like very much to make out with Matthew Fox. Too bad I'm just an ordinary girl in Chicago....I have big dreams for who I will make out with....well... never....

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  1. Don't freak out about the Data Analysis class. It will probably just eat up a little bit more time but it isn't that bad. Just make sure you ask a lot of questions and visit office hours. It is mostly useful information that does make sense. The grad school courses in the CTI department at DePaul aren't that tough. Just make sure you put the effort in. Good luck.