Sunday, December 04, 2005

Things I learned this weekend...

  1. Even if someday I have all the money I could hope for/dream of, I will have my parties catered with normal people food: mozzarella sticks, taco dip, deviled eggs etc. I'm simple, I'm picky...give me mac and cheese any day over duck crostinis.
  2. I am gaudy. I love a tinseled, blinky, big shiny tree. Ugly ornaments? Yes please. Whatever shall I do without tinsel?
  3. Apparently, it is not wise to save leftover rice (of any kind) and eat it the next day or later. My aunt advised that rice grows some kind of bacteria that can make you sick in a food poisoning type way.
  4. My family is pretty cool. And pretty screwed up. But mostly cool.
  5. People in general just do not understand a woman who doesn't want children. I learned this weekend that I would change my mind when I met a nice guy, I was just flat out lying (in case you're curious...that was the grandma) and that my life would not be complete without children. I disagree with every single one of these proclamations. I am happy being me. And "me" does not require a boy/child to complete it.
  6. My christmas tree is perfect! And still standing...

1 comment:

  1. Good to know about the rice. I always save rice when I order Chinese. Now I won't.