Monday, December 26, 2005

Nerdery ensues...

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. Mine was delightful. There was only a tiny bit of drama, and that all centers around my Grandma's senility/insanity. It was to be expected. I received everything (and more) I could have hoped for for Christmas. And I think all of the presents given went over well. Now I'm just excited to give out the few presents I have left. I heart giving presents.

Unexpectedly my brother loved the buttons. 97.5% of the time my brother dislikes most things about me. It's more about my being an uncool older sister, not about me personally. Buttons are hip I guess...

As for that "uncoolness", it's going strong since I recently received my schoolbooks. I read one of my syllabi and realize I could really help myself if I got a head start at reading. Yes, I am reading about systems design over the holidays. Greaaat.

Every year my sister, Mom and I exchange ugly ornaments. I received a beaut this year, a lovely computer with a wizards hat on. On the screen it says: Computer Wizard. I hope so...

P.S. - I just heard this sentence on TV: "Are there other actresses who are secretly bald?, and it looked like it was trying to be a hard-hitting interview.

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  1. I got a sweet spongebob ornament this year. I love it.