Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I've been vocal about my dislike of myspace. I tend to believe it is a large popularity contest. But my brother is involved and that was lately I've been doing some myspace research. And let's just say that I am totally, totally creeped out by the whole thing.

My brother doesn't do much online, so the fact that he has a page...well, that's just weird. I looked at it...I looked at his friends, and it occurred to me: would some of my former high school classmates be on? And by golly, they are. Some of my friends old friends, some of my old friends, some people I barely knew (one of which has her wedding picture up which made me feel quite voyeuristic)....

You know, it's really quite shocking to me to look at some people I barely knew and were probably in my version of the nerd category in high school...but seem pretty damn cool now. If only I would have known myself better back then, some of these people could have been my friends. Stupid high school with it's cliques......

And some people that were sort of friends I look at and got along?

I'm starting to feel the pull of myspace. Someone talk me out of it! And if you're not going to, then join me, because I can't join and have no friends.


  1. Unfortunately for me, I went to a small high school (about 700 people) and very few of my classmates have joined MySpace.

    I'd much rather find out through MySpace which ones got fat and/or dropped out of college than actually going home and running into them or their parents.

    But that's just me.