Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas is coming...

I'm done! All my shopping is done and I only have one more little box to wrap. That is pretty impressive I think. Usually I'm shopping well into tomorrow (or not shopping at all, since last year I gave my friends dinner. Ooooh, bad girl). Not really enough to fill a whole post, but I wanted to share my Christmas cheer with you. The tree is now clogged with presents (which Mona and Boku are slowly ruining the bows on...and I found a foam reindeer smore all chewed and in the kitchen).

While on my last Christmas errand I saw a proposal. No, I did not see some schmuck on bended knee. I just happened to read the marquee on the Chicago theater. I'm not sure that I like this sort of public proposal. I also don't know how I feel about the "family at Christmas" proposal. If I ever get proposed to, I hope it's a quiet and personal proposal.

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  1. Haven't your cats eaten the ribbon yet? I Only had 3 presents under my tree and they started eating the ribbon. Brandy use to eat it and throw it up, so you're lucky! I am also jealous you are DONE christmas shopping, I still have two more gifts, need to prepare one still and have ALL of them to wrap. Nothing like last minute, but that's what I'm good at.