Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yakkity yak...

Ok, so my computer is really limiting my ability to be funny and write interesting things. I had all this witty jokey stuff all mapped out in the head and then the old computer freezes. So I get frustrated and lose any intelligent blips I had except - damn you, I hate you you POS. Oh wait, this is my career choice?

And now it's moving at the speed of snails. I wouldn't be surprised if this blog gets eaten. And I have a button picture all ready to post and my picture posting program ain't working. Button a day my ass.

Hypothesis: I don't blog as much when I'm content because it's harder to be funny than it is to bitch about everything.

So I'm about 40 pages away from being done with White Teeth and I can't wait. I've read the last 200 pages really quickly because i can't WAIT to get it done. I really don't like this book. I can see what she's trying to do and that's it's supposed to be all deep and thought-provoking. But there's a problem when the thoughts it's provoking are "blah blah blah, how many more pages? science vs. religion - who cares? how many more pages?" The page countdown started at like page 100 of a 450 page book. All I can say is...thank God (if he/she/it exists, oooh, maybe the book will help me decide: NOOOOT) I can cross this book off my list tomorrow.

I came up with another button idea that doesn't require me to print things on the right kind of paper, so hopefully two this weekend when my computer decides to work again. And I should be able to get paper sometime this weekend....and then 200,349 buttons will follow.

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  1. Katie - I think I am ready to declare that I want to be more than just, "Wandering friend's boyfriend." Katy has me in her phone as "Al's boy." Is that all I am to you? An extension of my girlfriend? jeez! I want to see more buttons too! Oh, and we're back in chicago now, so you should call Alex.