Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shock me, shock me, shock me...

Oh Empire Records....weird that I was talking about it with my sister last night and now it's on HBO. I don't know why I loved this movie....but I distinctly remember going to see it at the Geneva Theater with my 8th grade best friend and loving it. At the time I wore a bicycle chain bracelet, 800 necklaces and many plastic bracelets. I was alternative. Ah the memories...I still have that bicycle chain bracelet and I still admire it and love it. How can I wear it in public though? Maybe alterna-style will come back...

This weekend I spent probably 10 hours cleaning. The floor is clean, the bathroom, the laundry. And yet every surface still has clutter. I can hopefully fix that during my month-long sabbatical before I start school. I forgot how much I love my apartment when it's all clean and I don't view it as a chore.

The Blog O' Buttons has been officially established. Like I explain on the blog, I don't have the right kind of printing paper right now so all these buttons I have planned wouldn't look very good (the paper needs to be printer quality/glossy but NOT thick. So i'm going to have to do some research/hunt for it). And I don't want to make half-ass silly looking buttons. So "button a day" isn't a reality just yet...


  1. Who didn't love Empire Records, I mean cute boys, music, cute boys. We all wished we couldve worked in a place like that, well Strawflower kinda had the vibe going on with cute boys and not too much working out in the warehouse pricing leaves, right? And one of our closest friends lives by one of their quotes, "I do not regret the things Ive done but those I did not do." Gotta love Empire Records!

  2. yes, i am that close friend ,and yes i did put it as my senior qoute in the yearbook. ahh, empire records... it's lucas who says that, and i still love him. empire records also has a button maker in it. yeah for E.R. and button makers.