Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm never gonna survive unless...

Ok, so yes I have that Seal song in my head. Or, more like I have Alanis Morissette's version of that song in my head. It doesn't really apply to what I feel like saying but I honestly cannot get that bugger out of my head.

I went out with some of my coworkers tonight. Basically the people I talk to on an everyday basis came and the good VP. I don't know if I ever mentioned him before except to dream and wish that he was the one training me. But that didn't happen and here I am escaping to school. I learned a lot tonight. And yes, I had more than one drink but did not even feel tipsy (even did a Jaeger bomb...uck). Basically I learned that the sole ethical, professional VP in the company is so worn down that he gave up years ago. I kept thinking through my "going away bash" that if only he were in charge the place would make sense! It turns out even he hates the way the place is run, realizes that most of upper management is incompetent and gave me a standing ovation for leaving.

I'll tell you a secret that he told me....when the other VP found out I was leaving she came up with ways to punish me. They didn't pan out because they were RIDICULOUS, but that just shows you the mindset of the people in charge. Petty, petty shit.
All I can say is that on Tuesday I don't think I will have a sad bone in my body. I will skip out of there.

Conversation heard near my building between teenage boy outside of car and younger teenager inside car: What time do we have to leave? What TIME? For the BRUNCH? Do you want to fight? I'll fight you....

Off to see the friend Janet tomorrow and Harry Potter! And Janet's cat!

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