Sunday, November 20, 2005

And a head to match...

So after much reflection on the conversation I had with the VP at the bar, I realized that one of my problems with the job was lack of authority. There were so many things wrong with the business/way it was run that could be fixed with one small change/decision. But I was unable to make that decision or influence that decision. And I clearly lacked the ability to withstand being passive. I never knew how action-oriented I am, how much I want to make things work right/smoothly until it made me supremely unhappy.

What can I say about the HP was drastically cut down from the book (I mean drastically) but it still made a fairly good movie. Although this time I do think that non-book readers would have had a hard time with the plot (although it was almost entirely changed). But it was powerful and those kids are starting to be pretty good little actors. And to cap it off I heart Ron Weasley. I heart Fred and George. I even heart Mr. & Mrs and Ginny. It turns out that I am a whore for the Weasleys. But that's true in the books too.

Speaking of the books, I've decided it's time to reread them all. I finished 6 way back when and never went back to reread. And I really think I see what else I can come up with in terms of clues/foreshadowing. In terms of Time 100 I finished White Teeth (so relieved) and Slaughterhouse Five this weekend. I didn't mind Slaughterhouse Five. But I think after White Teeth I would have liked anything. So I'll keep reading at the same time as Potter. And I'll slowly get there...

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