Wednesday, September 14, 2005


The weather today was totally refreshing. I actually had a shit day at work (nothing was where/as it should have been) and was totally frustrated. It was one of those days where you eventually have to sit back, take a deep breath and say, so what if this doesn't get finished. Work not getting done, not the end of the world. Even though for half of the day it felt like the world would end. So it was nice to leave the office and breath fresh cold air.

Haven't spoken of the cats recently. Sort of interesting that I came home to cat puke on Monday. Forgot to mention it in my Frankenmuth post. It was a load of puke (looked a lot like cat food) and then a hair ball. Good for Boku for getting it up. Bad for me because she chose the day I was out of paper towels. I had it on my grocery list for Tuesday...and she throws up Monday. A bit infuriating. All in all though, they're good. Still both afraid of people, but they like me, so who cares.

On another note, yesterday I rode the elevator with two old men. Who proceeded to "flirt" with me. I was told I had a lovely laugh. Together they were 167 years old.

And lastly, my allergist went crazy today. Unfortunately I had to watch him and his partner (both MD's) sing and dance to Last Dance. It's true. But I found myself this is a happy office. Too bad I work in the exact opposite...where I'm told my music is too loud when I can barely hear it. If I were to dance and sing I think I'd get a lecture about attitude...or about seeing a psychiatrist....

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  1. Wait, you get to listen to music at work. LUCKY!