Friday, September 16, 2005


Longest day ever. Random conglomeration of thoughts:

In my book today, this girl was having a stressful day at work so she went into the bathroom with a hairbrush, locked herself in a stall and masturbated. Ok, my first thought was: really? you want to get off in a metal stall on a nasty toilet? With your brush? Then I thought...well am I the weird one that hasn't ever considered masturbating in a bathroom when I'm having a bad day? I think the answer is no. I am not nearly as repressed as some when it comes to this topic, but I guess I do have a line I draw. Readers, lets hear some feedback. I wonder if boys masturbate in public more than girls...I bet....

One of my upstairs neighbors just came to the window to admire my cats. Boku ran away and is hiding under my bed and Mona just sat there and stared at the scary stranger.

Today was one of those days where lots of things went right, one thing went just a bit wrong, and the day just draggggged on. I feel like it defeated me...

And on another work note, I was totally creepy today. The cute computer boy (attached, unavailable) smelled delicious today. He was all over the place leaving behind a smell. I'd walk by and savor the smell. Oh boy smell. Nothing better. I was watching Dawson's Creek last night and it was a cheesy episode (you aren't surprised are you?) and one of the things they discussed is how smell is the biggest trigger for memories. And yesterday weirdly, a boy next to me on the L smelled like one of my old friends Jonny. I have a crazy sense of smell anyway. Ramble on...huh?


  1. I juste stumbled into you blog...and i was laughing hard...

    As for the masturbation part, i'd say that probably guys do it more often than girls, altought nowadays girls can keep up with the pace.
    As for you computer guy that smells happens that i'm a computer guy and i often get complimented for the way that i smell (Drakkar Noir is a killer)
    Smell does tell alot about a person...I love a woman with a great adds to the sensuality..among other things.
    I like the honest and straight forward way that you write.
    Keep it up...i'll drop by every once in awhile to check you out...
    By the way...i'm reading you from montreal, Canada. Neat thing this blog stuff, hu ! :-)
    Take care
    Filipe ;-)