Monday, September 12, 2005

And so it is...

I don't know exactly what to say about the weirdness that is Frankenmuth (went with Mooj and Sis). I have a hard time imagining the very beginning of the town, when one family said, OK, let's go Bavarian. Let's make everyone else build in the Bavarian style as well. And then, we'll be a tourist attraction!

Anyway, the trip was fun, lots of shopping was done. I sort of wish to decorate for Christmas at this very moment (Frankenmuth's big draw is the largest CHRISTmas store in the country. Please note the capitalization in the holiday...think Jesus Loves Me, Happy Birthday Jesus, etc.). My most exciting find (one of many) is an alternative to tinsel. I have cats this year so my favorite, my ultimate tree finishing favorite is no longer an option - a tinsel replacement was sort of essential to making my tree feel whole. Makes me want to trim the tree RIGHT NOW.

I think after spending a lot of time with my family/loved ones I feel a little lonely when I come back to my apartment. I think it might have a lot to do with how natural it is to spend time with my mom and sister. You know, its comfortable (even with the bickering).

But by tomorrow (when I'm crabby from having to go work) I'll be glad to come home and be alone. But it's always a funky first night after family vacation. Just a tidge sad and lonely.

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  1. is it not the funnest, craziest christmas shopping expereince. it's so jesusy