Saturday, September 10, 2005

Both a beginning and an end...

I'm not that great about getting my feelings about politics/world events into words. I know how I feel and I don't generally blog about it. But this whole Katrina thing has me thinking lately. And frankly, I'm surprised that people are surprised about this country's ability to handle a "catastrophe."

First, I think it was very telling that we didn't actually mobilize anyone at the beginning. We told people to evacuate and left it at that. Kind of bossy without helping people accomplish the evacuation (sending buses really would have helped). Very American.

Next, we sort of ignore the problem (or the government does) and the rest of us throw money at it. Again, how American. A lot of people out there are saying the Tsunami was handled better. But honestly, we handled the tsunami the exact same way: throw money at it, have public figures show up for photo ops, throw more money, forget about it.

Only this time, it became clear that the government was going to have to do more. And it doesn't surprise me that they all bumbled around for days. I can't believe it surprises anyone. And yes, I do think that if this would have happened in Chicago, New York, LA, DC bumbling would not have been an option. Really, really sad. You suck government.

That's my Katrina spiel. I'm done with the world event thing for a while now.

Note: I am slowly but surely going to change this website. I just have to learn to code first. So I'm playing with the stuff I can change. Check out my newly alphabetized blog list. Exciting, eh?

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